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promoStation App


Display advertising software for your iPad

This product is targeting retail stores in different market segments that need a quick and easy way to advertise their products through screen advertising.

This includes for example:

  • A restaurant that wants to display it’s menu card on a screen
  • A fashion store that plays videos with models carrying their new collections
  • A hairdresser that wants to display the look of different haircuts
  • A business meeting center that wants to display events and location of rooms over a webpage
  • A travel agency that wants to promote different destinations with images and videos
  • A real estate agency that wants to display pictures and videos of their estates

Main Features

  • Infinite number of self defined playlists
  • Define flexible schedules for your playlists
  • Define the duration to display the media files
  • Playback for images and videos
  • Display of webpages

Supported devices

  • iPAD

Currently we only support iPAD. But we are in the process to extend the application to support Android PADs and Mobile devices in a later release.

Supported file formats

  • Images: JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Movies: MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG1, AVI, Quicktime
  • Website: HTML, Javascript, Flash

How it works



With the new EERRAA promoStation A1 you can promote your products on any TV screen using an adapter cable or your iPAD screen directly. You import media such as images and videos, or you can add web urls to display websites. Once your media has been added you can create a playlist. The playlist is the link between your media files and different schedules. You choose your media, define your schedules for the chosen media and save the playlist. Once the playlist is saved you can push the “play” button and your ads will be running on your screen.