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promoStationApp Manual


How it works



To install the app on your mobile click on the button below:



Playlist Screen

The first screen you’ll see when you start your promoStation app is the Playlist screen. On the Playlist screen you can see all the different playlists that you have created. When you start the first time you’ll have an empty screen with an empty playlist.

A playlist is a container which combines media files with dates and times to which they should play on the screen. You can define down to an hour when the media files should play. All the media files you’ve added to a playlist will loop one after each other until the date and time expires.

  • If you did not import any media yet then the first thing you’ll have to do is to tap on to the Content button on the top left corner to import media files.
  • If all media files have been imported already and you want to create a new playlist you can tap on to the new Playlist icon.
  • If you have created all your playlists and only want to play the media you can tap on to the Play button on the top right corner.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.11.2014 18.26.19

Content Screen

This screen is used to import media files such as pictures, videos or webpages in to the promoStation app. Only imported media will be recognised by the promostation app.

  • Tap on to the Media button to import pictures or videos.
  • Tap on to the Browser button to import webpages.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.11.2014 18.26.28

Add Playlist Screen

This screen is used to combine a set of media files with a set of schedules. You add the media files to the playlist and define schedules that define to which times the media files should play. During the schedules the media files will play one after each other and repeat until the scheduled time has elapsed.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.11.2014 19.08.00

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